Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays!

This is an old cartoon, originally posted on my now defunct Brotha Buck blog. I revived this strip, used it on my holiday cards, and I sent to a few art directors, editors and licensing clients. Although the blog is now closed down, the cartoons still exist. Looking back, I still think they're funny. When I get some time later next year, I plan to move the cartoons here and continue the saga of Brotha Buck, Tamsy and Kirby.

Friday, December 03, 2010

A note to aspiring authors who've contacted me

Because I'm a children's book illustrator, and a loud-mouth social networker, I tend to attract A LOT! of proposals from authors with book ideas. I hate turning people away, and I'd love to assist if I could. But please know, I'm a book creator myself. I illustrate. I write. And I'm knocking doors just like you, trying to figure out this crazy business.

If you're an author who's messaged me with a book idea, and I haven't responded to you, please know I'm not intentionally ignoring you. If you've emailed a manuscript to me, and I haven't responded, please don't take it personally — I'm just not sure what to do with it and all the other requests. If I took the time to respond to every email, Facebook personal message, direct message tweet, I wouldn't have time to do what I do -- write and illustrate children's books (and social network).

In the meantime, I highly advise you to join your local and national SCBWI.

Thanks for your patience, I'm rooting for you.

A new book for African American quilters

Author Kyra E. Hicks included my name in her new book 1.6 Million African American Quilters: Survey, Sites, and a Half-Dozen Art Quilt Blocks. The book is about Black quilt makers -- quilt industry figures including numbers of Black quilters nationally, resources of websites, blogs, and YouTube videos featuring African American quilters and guilds. I'm included in a section called Black Quilters in Cyberspace. Although I'm certainly not a quilter -- though I could be if I wanted to, I'm good with my hands -- I was included because of the fabric I designed awhile ago for David's Textiles (example). The fabric is no longer available, but it's still in demand. To this day people email me looking for the product, or for other fabric featuring African American images.

What a fine resource Kyra has created.