Saturday, July 24, 2010

Graphic reporting: My other career.

I've been blogging about my children’s book career for nearly 6 years now. But I’ve rarely discussed my other career: Graphics reporting at the Statesman.

I spend just as much time illustrating and preparing graphics at the Statesman as I do illustrating for children’s publishers. And the Statesman pays better, too.

So, what in the heck is a graphic reporter, you ask? Simply put, a graphic reporter is one who tells and supports news stories with drawings — charts, maps, diagrams, illustrations. I draw for the newspaper!

Here I am today interviewing a couple of Austin police officers about their new in-car video surveillance system. As a graphic reporter, it’s my job to explain to readers, visually, what this system is and how police will use it.

In the photos, I’m taking notes and sketching as officers answers my questions. Am I nervous sitting there in the drivers seat of a cop car? Heck yes! But I play it cool, best as I can.
In the top photo, two reporters and I lob questions at the officers. After the interview, we return to the newsroom to brainstorm ideas on how to best present the graphic. In this case, it's decided that I’ll draw the pictures while Rob V. organizes and lays out the text with my drawings.

Here’s a look at the final graphic and a link to the story.


Gwendolyn said...

You are so talented! And it sounds intersting, too. You should write a "career" book or article about it.

Nicole Tadgell said...

Interesting! I bet you have pretty tight deadlines, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gwendolyn! Great idea. Very tight deadlines, Nicole. An assignment can come in at noon and be due in a few hours. Problem is, I'm the type person who needs time to digest and understand complicated stuff, so it can be stressful.