Sunday, February 21, 2010

New work: Governor candidates and their hair

This is a recent illustration that ran in Saturday's paper. It's for a Features story about the Texas governor candidates, their hair, and what it says about them.

I was happy with the end result, thought I captured the likenesses well. I was a little nervous, though. Politics these days are so . . . touchy. Have you read the comments section of any online news story? Pure evil lives there. Figured I'd get a bunch of hate mail from readers unhappy with how I portrayed their political heroes. Thankfully, that didn't happen. As far as I know of.

Pictured are Governor Rick Perry (whose hair has it's own twitter account), Kay Bailey Hutchison, Debra Medina, Farouk Shami grasping a hot comb, Bill White.

I rendered this with Adobe illustrator and added brush effects in Photoshop.


Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...


Don said...

Coming from you, what a great compliment!


Veronica said...

Rick Perry has really cultivated that haireputation (which should SO be a real word!)