Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop meets the King of Kings

Michael Jackson is dead. For me, the headlines haven't quite registered yet. Over the last few years of his life, he generated so many bizarre headlines, this simply seems like another one. Unfortunately, this will be his ultimate.

I wish I had more time to write about him, but I don't. So I share this simple cartoon that I quickly drew this morning.

You'll notice I chose to portray the Michael that I grew up with. The brown skin Michael with hair like mine. I never really accepted his change. I drew this image from memory. I didn't use reference. This is the image of Michael Jackson that is burned into my memory forever.


beckylevine said...

This is beautiful. Your Michael is even older than the Michael I grew up with. Mine had a short, soft afro, a round face, and beautiful skin. The Michael on the cover of Ben.

I have a very sad feeling that his life was already too hard at that point.

tanita davis said...

Aw, Don, your cartoon is beautiful. That Michael is the right color, and he's moving/dancing/singing like he ought to have been.

Wild About Words said...

Great imagine, Don!

ShellyP said...

That's the same Michael I remember growing up with. Awesome drawing.

Jenni said...

Thank-you for a happier, more free-spirited image. If he could have seen this representation of himself, perhaps he would have had more self-acceptance. You have given him an inner glow, radiating out. An image of a beautiful, bright, shining star. We can hope he feels that way about himself now.

thejuiceboxx said...

I worked at Lee & Low in the marketing dept. back in 2000-2001, so I'm familiar with you work and just found your blog. As a big MJ fan, I think this is a beautiful tribute!
Kweli Wright