Thursday, June 18, 2009

I miss writing

I've been feeling kind of bummed-out lately. I'm in the final stages of painting a book, and as much as I love, love, love, drawing and painting, the last few weeks before a big book deadline is simply not very much fun. Paint, paint, paint, nonstop, nothing else. No writing, no working out, no family, equals stress. And yes, I’m very grouchy, as my wife will attest.

I miss writing and blogging terribly. I haven't posted here or written on my other, super secret, blog in awhile. Writing had become stress relief because I did it for fun, without the worry of whether it appealed to a gatekeeper — an editor, agent, book buyer. And while it sometimes crossed the line — edgy big-time — people tuned in anyway.

This morning, I Googled my old blog, which lead me to a tribute from an apparent reader. It really lifted my spirits (Note: I deleted the blog name from the following quote):

"When we were told to read one of the two blogs written by an African American, I was immediately drawn to Xxxxxx Xxxx's blog. Not only is he a talented writer, he is a cartoonist. I think that is a main reason why the majority of the class read his blog.

Xxxxxx Xxxx talks about issues from buying $70 popcorn from a Cub Scout to the presidential election. I sat reading his blog for literally an hour. His posts are easy to read, because they are short and sweet. I noticed from the comments being left, that he has a strong connection with his audience. Xxxxxx Xxxx does not ask questions to lure in comments, instead his readers are interested in his everyday occurrences. I think a lot of people can relate to Xxxxxx Xxxx, that's why he gets several comments on his blog. He has a funny and sarcastic personality which makes his blog more enjoyable to read. The pictures, videos, and cartoons included in his blog are hilarious.

My attention was immediately grabbed. After reading one post, I wanted to keep reading further and further. His opinions may be controversial but they bring up good discussion amongst the readers.

And another reader said this:

"I agree with you. Xxxxxx Xxxxx's blog was hilarious and he did a good job of connecting with the reader. He is very easy to relate to even though I'm not a parent. It was really interesting to see how his personality as a blogger developed throughout his entire blog."

Thanks a lot, whoever you are. I love writing for children, but what I discovered about myself through the journey of having that blog, is that I love writing for adults more. Maybe I should polish off a few of those old post, and see if I could get them published as a collection of humorous essays and cartoons that would appeal to adults. Hm.


Nicole Tadgell said...

Ah! It's nice to hear that! I too, am in the last pages of painting finals for a book. Stress, stress, and more stress! It doesn't help that I just turned 40 and I wonder where all the years went...sitting on my bum drawing, I suppose! Good luck - I bet your writing will be as awesome as your art!

rindawriter said...

Hi, Don, finally getting a chance
to get caught up on things now that I'm not tutoring reading and writing for a bit this summer!

I did write at work but not writing for me. I missed just expressing myself and am glad to get back into that.

The majority of my kindergarten students from a
public school in a "pocket of poverty" are reading and writing,
Don! Simple sentences. And some of them are printing beautifully. I helped to teach the Writing Without Tears curriculum this year. I hope they do as well when they get to cursive. They are troopers! And not just the girls. The guys, too.

Their favorite book to read?

"Go, Dog, Go," by P.D. Eastman!

Feels awfully good to know that more readers got added to the world this year!

Take care, take some time for you! Talk to you laaaater!


jesse joshua watson said...

Lol. Yeah, "work hard for the money" is not in the minds of the masses when they think of an artist, huh? I work harder now than any of my back breaker jobs and I had some doozies!

I love hearing it from fellow working artists if only for a reason to feel not alone in the struggle of painting all day and night.

I love it! But it does take its toll.
I wish you all the blessings that come from your hard work, my man.