Monday, April 06, 2009

A family piece

This is a small portion of a painting that I just finished. It was commissioned by Nance Galleries. This was one of the toughest pieces I've ever created because I'm more of a commercial artist, and this is a fine art piece.

I've never done a fine art piece before, at least not that I know of. I'm used to creating art for a specific purpose — art for an advertisement, a book, art to be reproduced and resold as a product. But art for the sake of art?— shoot, I got bills to pay.

In this case, the only boundaries were that it had to be family related. Beyond that, I could do whatever I wanted. I got stuck. The folks at the gallery had seen some of the images posted at THE BEST KID IN THE WORLD, and suggested that I paint my family. So that's what I did.

Keep in mind, I have two adult daughters who, when they read this, will completely take this the wrong way. I didn't intentionally leave you out, girls. This isn't meant to be a literal portrait of my family (though it does kind of look like us); I was going for composition here. One man hugging three grown women and a little boy simply wouldn't work.

I scanned the art and am considering offering prints at a later date.

As of tomorrow, I will be working the Effa Manley story, full time until July.


Lisa said...

It's just beautiful!

Katterley said...

The family love just radiates off the image of your art. I'm sure your daughters will feel that and the people count in your art. Exquisite!

jesse joshua watson said...

I love this piece, man. It is very strong design and vibes! Lovely.