Thursday, February 05, 2009

What a mess...

... no not my studio, my schedule. This morning I checked my emails, like I do every morning, and I discovered a note from an illustrator friend, who had invited me to speak at her elementary school. The email basically said: "...see ya, tomorrow."

I panicked. I didn't know for sure if I had a school visit tomorrow. The school had changed several times, so I wasn't completely sure. Following a flutter of emails, I got things straightened out.

My next email was from the guy at Overlooked Books. He wanted to know if I'd planned to bring my books to the book festival, or if he should plan to bring them himself.

I thought, "What book festival?"

I knew he was somehow involved in Killeen's first book festival, and in fact I'd even met with him, festival planners, and the press back in December. But no one told me that I was in the festival. Who'da known?

I have it all worked out, now. Well, sort of. I will definitely present at Cedars Academy tomorrow. Then the week following next, I will do the Killeen event.

So if you thought my studio was a mess, you ain't seen nothing yet.


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Shirley said...

Hey--I'm going to Killeen, too. It will be good to see you there.
Shirley Duke