Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My to-do list: Contact my editor; contact the man upstairs

Editorial Anonymous has a post on her blog entitled "The Joy of Layoffs." Basically, if you haven't heard from your editor in awhile, you'd probably better contact them. He/she might be gone due to layoffs, and if that happens, your project might end up in limbo.

One of my projects is in limbo.

I haven't heard anything from anyone concerning my Duke project, and it's been almost six months. I submitted thumbnail sketches last August, but then it was put on editorial hold, indefinitely. I moved ahead to my next project, Effa, and I've hesitated to contact them, fearing a scheduling conflict should they need me to jump back in.

In addition, I've agreed to do another project following Effa, and I've just received an inquiry about illustrating yet another. So I think it's time to make contact with someone. I hope everything is not too far off track.

And while I'm at it, I'd probably better make contact with God, too. I still have a job. If you haven't heard, newspapers aren't doing so well. The paper I work for is up for sale and voluntary separation packages have been offered to longtime employees. I'm praying there won't be any involuntary separations in my near future.


Chris Barton said...

Don, here's hoping you like what you hear back from both your editor and from the man upstairs. Industry woes have sidelined one of my books, but there's nothing to do but keep going.

indigene said...

I pray for your continued success. Keep working! That's all we can do in times like this...keep our creative juices flowing and stay open to the Spirit.

Peace to you and your family.