Saturday, February 07, 2009

Missed opportunity

Yesterday I spoke at Cedars International Academy. I was invited by the school's art teacher, and my SCBWI cohort, Christy Stallop. She introduced me with kind words and compliments, then I rushed into my presentation without thanking her, or acknowledging to kids that Christy herself is a talented and accomplished children's book illustrator.

So I say here on my blog, thank you Christy for the opportunity to share my artwork and experiences with your students, and I thank you for working so hard to sell my books.

Christy did. I have a pile of unsold, out-of-print books, The Legend of the Valentine, that I purchased from the publisher. I only grabbed about 15 copies, but Christy saw to it that they all sold.

So, thanks again, Christy, from a huge fan of There's a Yak in My Bed.

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Christy said...

ahhh shucks!