Friday, January 09, 2009

Progress with Effa. And the gym.

Effa, a picture book biography I'm illustrating for HarperCollins, is progressing well. I've completed sketches on four spreads and plan to finish all by the end of this month or middle of next. I had been worried about this book. A jumbled schedule on Duke last summer really threw things off. In addition, a slowdown in freelance work (income) over the summer forced me to take any little project that came along in the fall. I had a LOT of little, low-paying projects, so now I'm way, way, way behind. But I'm getting back on track.

Back to the gym!
Believe it or not, my favorite place in the world is not at my drawing board. It's at the gym. I'm an artist, yes, but I'm a gym-rat at heart. I love the smell of sweaty fake leather, the rhythmic buzz of cardio machines, the clank-clank-clank of weights being dropped. My new gym has none of these things, though. It's incredibly clean and has rules against weight-dropping. But at $10 per month, I can't complain.

Other than running, it's been more than four months since I've worked out. Sometime during the last few years, I dislocated both my shoulders, which resulted in tears to my labrums (ligaments in the armpits). This normally happens to baseball pitchers or auto accident victims. I'm neither. The problem was revealed in an MRI, and my doctor said that if they didn't heal, I'd have to have them fixed surgically. Ouch.

Yesterday's workout went just fine, and muscle memory was in order. My guns and glutes were — like — boom!

Now it's back to Effa.

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Robin said...

Gymrats UNITE ! Why is it that you can't find literature with a gym setting? Perhaps because every literary agent I every queried listed travel,petting cats and needlepoint as hobbies. One very notable NY agent who shall remain nameless said while my novel was not "literary enough" to warrant her interest, I'd probably end up proving her wrong with my novel "Gymrat Rules".
That's why if you want to enjoy a great read about the world of fitness clubs and those who love them...( and there are 17 million gymrats in the US that visit their gym 3 or more days a week!)
you'll have to self publish as I did! In addition - check out Gymrat Central at where you can dis or brag about your home about egotistical or great trainers - and add to a growing list of Gymrat Rules... the ones you WISH were posted at your gym!