Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have overactive email name recognition

So, earlier this week, I shot off an email to my art agent, Nicole T., basically begging her for a project. My hands are full with trade picture book projects now — I'm working on 2, and a third is in the works. But I need a smaller, quick-hitting, quick-paying project soon. Before they turn my cable TV off.

Well, she didn't return my email, so I figured I must have irritated her, so I decided to leave her alone and find my own project. But then today, I received an email from Nicole T. Not that Nicole T. This Nicole T. Turned out, my email recognition got confused and sent my message to the wrong Nicole. Got me to worrying. How many editors and art directors — male or female — might have received the steamy email messages I tend to send to my wife when I get lonely sitting her in my studio all by myself. All. Day. Long.

Nicole thought the email was actually for her and felt sorry for me. So she responded with a few people I might contact for work. Of course, I got the whole thing straightened out now, and I never did bother my agent. But I'm gonna have to be extra careful about sending messages to my wife, without paying attention to who the email recognition is sending to.



Chris Barton said...

You did mean to post that on this blog, right, Don?

susanwrites said...

LOL - I was just going to say what Chris said.

I can so relate.

I also wanted to give you a wave and let you know that I am always reading your blog but had fallen off the commenting bandwagon.

Hope you got a quick project or two.

Don Tate II said...

Actually, I've had more than one embarrassing occasion when I posted to the wrong blog. Or posted comments in other peoples blogs, logged in wrong.

Lisa said...

I've had a similar problem more than once. One time I sent a "familiar" message meant for my husband to an editor. Luckily the language was short and cryptic enough to just be confusing. :)