Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a great kid I have

This is a photo of my son, taken minutes ago. He's playing his new Nintendo games, so he's on a DS high.

I have an abnormally well-behaved-at-Christmas-time kid. He wasn't up at the crack of dawn, begging to open gifts. He slept in until 10, and then he greeted me with a Merry Christmas. Then he sat patiently near the tree and waited for his mother to wake up.

When my wife finally got up, my son tore through the gifts under the tree. But he wasn't looking for his own, he wanted to see that his mother and me received ours first. Before opening his gifts from family out of town, he thoroughly read the cards and then reminded us that we needed to send thank you cards to everyone.

He didn't show any signs of disappointment from the books or clothes he received, and he set aside playing his new DS games and Wii to call family.

No trick ending here, this is for real. What a great kid I have.

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Shirley said...

Don't forget--it all begins with the parents. Congrats!