Sunday, December 28, 2008

A new year; A new blog

I started a new blog today. It's called The Best Kid in the World! It's a place where I can write exclusively about my experiences with my son. It'll get pretty sentimental and sappy up in there sometimes. I'll celebrate, complain, tell stories, share pictures. Talking about my son won't feel off topic like it does here at Rant and Raves because this is what this blog will be for.

I won't often link to this other blog, it will just exist and people will find it when they click around.

Well, I'm signing off all blogs for awhile. Catch you in about a week. Happy New Year!


ShellyP said...

Wish you the best for the new year - life, love and prosperity!!

rindawriter said...

Merry Late Christmas, Don, and a very Happy New Year!

Sorry, I've not been commenting so much as of late--things got overwhelming but have settled down, now!

Again, all the best, Rinda

indigene said...

Happy New Year! Of course, you have to blog about that little cutie! He'll laugh about it now, moan about it in his teen years and love you for it when he's grown! My 30 year old son is still amazed at the journals I kept when he was growing up! This from a woman who simply hates writing! Keep up the great work and I wish you continued success and health!