Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Change Has Come, my interview with the artist, and my thoughts

I posted an interview today at The Brown Bookshelf with artist Kadir Nelson, where he discusses his upcoming book, Change Has Come: An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit. The book couples drawings by Kadir Nelson with the words of Barack Obama, Simon & Schuster, Jan. 09.

A couple of things about the interview stood out to me. For one, because the idea for the book didn't happen until somewhere shortly before or after the election, and because the book will publish in time for inauguration, Kadir only had 10 days to complete the illustrations. For those of you who are not illustrators, that's like magic. It's practically impossible to illustrate a 32 page trade picture book in 10 days, unless they truly are sketches — and I don't know if I could create 32 publishable sketches in 10 days. This was truly a feat.

Second, what a brilliant idea on Simon & Schuster's part. Not only will this book publish near the historical inauguration, but also at the same time Kadir sweeps the ALA awards — Coretta Scott King (for sure) and Caldecott (possibly) — for his book We Are The Ship. Can we say ca-ching!

What a great deal for a talented artist.


Indigene said...

He is one hard working man! Great post and Happy Holidays!

shadrieka said...

My fingers are crossed for the Caldecott. What a year for "firsts" it would be!