Saturday, November 15, 2008

A recap of the past week

Took a few days to recover from the Cub Scout camp out at Buescher State Park. Temperatures overnight had reached a low of 40-degrees inside our tent. But we were toasty warm, cocooned inside our sleeping bags, wearing several layers of clothes. Okay, to be honest, it was miserable. But we didn't complain too much because the Scouts who'd camped the night before earned their Polar Bear patches, given to those who've camped on nights when the temperatures were near or below freezing. That's one badge I can live without.

On Thursday, I attended a Celebration of Books at BookPeople, Austin's independent bookstore. I participated in a panel discussion about picture books, moderated by author Brian Anderson. Panelists included authors Phillip Yates, Greg Leitich Smith, Emma Virgan, and me!

There were panels featuring middle grade and YA authors, too, however because so many people hung around to ask questions, I didn't get a chance to see the others.

Highlights for the evening included an opportunity to meet upcoming author/illustrator Clint Young. His portfolio is out of this world! This guy's gonna be big, ya'll.

I also got a sneak peek of Chris Barton's The Day-Glow Brothers, which publishes next summer.

Last night, the wife made me attend a high school football game. A friend of hers has a daughter who is a cheerleader, so we went to support her. Again, I was miserable. I'm not a football game person. I didn't even do high school football games when I was in high school. I just don't see the fun in sitting in a freezing cold stadium, watching people throw a ball back and forth across a field. But to each is own.

Things should settle down after this week, and I'll return to working Effa full-time!


INDIGENE said...

Good grief! I hate football! I grew up with a Dad who got a scholarship to college based on football, so he used to drag his poor children to games in the freezing NY temperatures just to see live games! We would be crying to go home! Ugh! Just had to! I know football misery!

Dee said...

I earned a Polar Bear patch in Girl Scouts...maybe it was a Penguin Patch? I dunno, all I remember is twelve little girls moaning in their sleeping bags because it was too cold to go to the bathroom! hahaha

I wish I could have seen you guys at Book People. I'll console myself with the fact that Tomie de Paola will be at BlueWillow Books on Friday-ha! :)

Ditto what you said about Clint. I met him this last spring at a portfolio critique Christy Stallop set up. I love his Toast work!

Roberta said...

It's been busy in your part of Texas...and chilly!

Kimberly said...

Sounds fun :) Enjoyed visiting your blog!


Camille said...

You made me laugh about football games.

I was a high school band parent for 7 years (2 kids in band, one year overlap.)
I was introduced to another parent once as "you know Camille, her family is the one that reads during the football games. They close their books during half time and cheer like crazy for the band, then they open their books again."

The other parent said, "Ohhhh, I've seen you!"
(Actually, my husband does watch the game.)