Friday, September 05, 2008

No knives in my arm pits, thank you

A recent MRI revealed that I have a dislocated shoulder and a torn labrum. It's possible that both shoulders are dislocated since they both hurt, but I only had the MRI on the right side.

This has been going on now for years, but I'm just now finding out the cause of the problem. I've seen nerve doctors, bone doctors, heart doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists. I've been poked and prodded and massaged and manipulated.

One doctor made me go an entire (stanky) summer without wearing antiperspirant because he said the problem was a clogged sweat gland. Another doctor prescribed an antidepressant because he said the side effects would trick my brain into not feeling pain. They were all wrong.

Finally I went to another doctor last week and asked, "Why can't somebody just stick an x-ray or something up there and see what the problem is?" Well that's what they did. My doctor says it's probably an old sports injury, something that normally happens to high school football players or baseball pitchers, though I've never done any of that. I am a gym rat, though, and I practice kick boxing which involves a lot of punching. I think the punching has caused the problem; I punch pretty hard and sometimes with weights.

Next week I'll find out if physical therapy will help (though I've already done physical therapy, twice). Doctor says I might need surgery to repair the tears. In the meantime, he said I could continue to work out if it seems to help, which it does, at least psychologically.

Surgery though? I don't want nobody sticking knives in my arm pits and I've got too many books lined up to take a break.


indigene said...

Ouch! It sounds painful! It also sounds like one of those things that when we get older, we'll have a touch of arthritis and we'll be able to tell when it's going to rain...or so the old folks in my family say! Here's a milling prayers being sent your way!

Rinda M. Byers said...

Wow! WHAT a nightmarish experience with all those specialists.

If you must have surgery, get two opinions from separate doctors if you can, ask friends for recommendations, check up closely on the doctor's reputation and credentials.

Generally, the repair will go well with a good doctor.

I am so sorry that you endured all that pain for so long. Hope something helps it soon.