Friday, August 22, 2008

Good news

Ron's Big Mission, written by Corrine J. Naden and Rose Blue, and illustrated by . . . me . . . has been selected by the Junior Library Guild! Ain't that cool?

After all that hard work, it's nice to be recognized.

I wish I had more news to share about Bill, my first authored book to publish in 2010. I've been dying now for three years to make an official announcement. But I still can't. It's in that awkward waiting stage where nothings really happening. I can say that an illustrator has signed on. I won't say who that is yet, but I will at some point "soon."

I'll keep you tuned.


-Audrey said...

Oh, I'm a VERY big fan of your unnamed artist, Don. Huge congratulations on that, and on the Junior Library Guild selection. Great things are happening!

Roberta said...

Exciting news all the way round!
Interesting link... it's going to be awesome.

Chris Barton said...

Mighty cool news indeed, Don -- and a great-looking cover!

Rinda M. Byers said...

Hurray, Hurray! for you, Don, on the Junior Literary Guild selection of "Ron!"

I expect that more will follow.

It's going to be fun seeing your first book written by you in print!