Saturday, July 05, 2008

Vacation pics

This past week, my family and I vacationed at the Walt Disney World Resort. Originally it was planned as a family reunion kind of thing, my mom and her four boys and their wives and kids. But, well, you know how those things go. Two of the four were able to attend. Here are a few pics.

Pictured above from left to right: My son (sporting his "cooler than Daddy's" mohawk), me, my wife, my mom (who retires next week, bummer I can't be there), my brother and his wife. Not pictured, but sitting directly across from us in his high chair, is my 15-month-old nephew whom I got to hold for the first time on this trip.

My younger brother, my mom, me, somewhere in Epcot.

The view from the window of our resort. Beautiful!

My camera has one helluva zoom. I was very far away from the castle when I took the above pic. My mom was too thrilled, not only with this production, but all of the shows.

And of course, the castle at Magic Kingdom at night.

Here's a few seconds of the grand finale of the 4th of July fireworks show over Magic Kingdom.

I'm sad I had to miss AAWW, which began on the day we left for Disney. Double-bummer!


Kim said...

Looks like a fun vacation. Did you stay at the Marriott Horizons resort? (That's what the photo looks like ;-) We stayed there last year.

I wondered why I didn't see you in any of the writing workshop pics!

indigene said...

What great fireworks! It looks like you had a great vacation!

Cloudscome said...

Great pictures. You picked a good time to go. I tagged you with a meme.

Christy said...

Great Pictures Don. Your mom is beautiful! Hats off to anyone who had four boys! :)