Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I've become a writing visualizer, I think

Normally, I begin illustrating a book by reading the manuscript and doodling in the margins. Later, I create sketches inspired by the doodles.

But this morning, I found myself approaching Duke/Strayhorn, a picture book to publish with Charlebridge, a bit differently. As I read the manuscript, instead of doodling, I wrote notes in the margins. I wrote down what I was visualizing. Later, I'll doodle based upon my notes. And then after some more extensive research, I'll create final sketches based upon my notes and the doodles.

I have no idea if this is a better way to work, and I really didn't plan it this way. I think as I've grown as a writer, my approach to visuals has changed, too. I'm more of a writing visualizer, if that makes sense. For the better or worse, I have yet to see.

Funny, mixed-up, thing is, when I sit down to write, I often begin with visuals.

Edit to original post: I've just come to realize that I'm not going to be able to proceed with this book until I've seen Tchaikovsky's original Nutcracker Suite. And maybe a few adaptations.


Danny Lowe said...

Stretching out beyond your usual technique on a new project huh? You got either guts or lots of confidence man. Either way, I think you are just the kind of guy to pull it off.

Good luck on the whole Nutcracker thing... IN JULY!!

indigene said...

I've found that the story will demand what it needs and it's great that you can do both! Oh, I love the Nutcracker and there are some wonderful reference materials out there! Have fun!


rindawriter said...

I wish you could see Seattle (Maurice Sendak's) Nutcracker live!

There should be a book about the Nutcracker with his name on it somewhere in your library.