Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker cartoon

As an Obama fan, I am offended by this cartoon. And I understand why his campaign would be, too. However as an artist myself, dabbling in cartoons, I think this cartoon is successful. It works because it contains an element of truth — what many (ignorant) people think about Obama. That's what political cartoonists do, they use cartoons to ridicule. This one is brilliant because it's touched a nerve.

Now the New Yorker might follow-up this cover with a cartoon portraying the average American who really believes the things pictured in this cover. Now that would be funny, too, particularly since the ridicule was intended for them, and not Obama.


indigene said...

The sad thing in all of this is that many people will buy the magazine, thinking that this is a true interpretation of O & M! This is going to be a fiery few months before a new President is elected!

I'll be the artist was well paid for his work.

Danny Lowe said...

Its all about magazine sells. Anything goes these days.

You should check out the cover of the latest Psychology Today cover. I'd expect more from a respected science magazine. Or maybe not.

rindawriter said...

I would expect more somehow from this magazine. I am not sure the cartoon is saying anything necessary.