Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm done with character studies

I'd blocked off two weeks of time to experiment with character studies of Duke. I'd planned to experiment more with color and style. But I'm happy enough with the direction this has taken, I don't think there's a need to continue with experimentation. That and I need to start illustrating this book.

In other news: Vegas made me sick. Sick enough to call-in sick. But in the current newspaper climate (layoffs, layoffs, layoffs) I don't feel comfortable not showing up to work. So I'm going, fever, chills, runny nose and all.


rindawriter said...

LOVE IT! Oh, Don, this is a very nice blend of your black and white cartoon style on your other blog and that more formal, restrained style in the book you just finished.

I think you've hit a balance here somehow between the two styles that is just so clean and clear and just so BALANCED. I do really, REALLY like it!

Danny Lowe said...

Sorry you are sick man. Working sick isn't fun.

That painting you are working on looks awesome. Duke would be proud.

jesse joshua watson said...

Hey, man. I love this pic. Classic. It shows why we all end up with bad backs, eh? Labor of Love so what are we gonna do? Just keep painting and roll with the punches.