Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dang. I'm not inspired today

I don't have to be inspired to create commercial art; Drawing and painting come natural to me. I don't have to be inspired to write a blog post; I simply write about whatever is going on in my life at the time. But when it comes to writing children's books, I have to be inspired.

For some writers, writing a first draft is like plowing a field. Whether they are inspired or not, they push through to the end. I can't do that. That feeling, that something, has to be there. Currently, I have many works in progress that I'm excited about, but not inspired enough to actually pull them out and work on. I'm waiting for inspiration.

After sending in my registration for Editor's Day, I felt inspired. An opportunity grow as a writer by spending a day in heavy critique with a very cool editor and an equally cool author. I was so inspired, I whipped out that chapter book I started last fall, but hadn't finished. The ideas were flowing. The words were creating themselves. I was riding a wave. But then I learned the critique slots for Editor's Day were full. "First come, first served" and "early-bird registration" have two entirely different meanings, in a robust children's writing community like Austin. The feeling is gone. I'm not inspired anymore.

Maybe it's a reflection of my immaturity as a writer, but for whatever reason, that feeling of inspiration that fuels the creative side of my writing is fleeting. I must seize the moment when that window of opportunity opens, or else it's gone and I'm back to painting or reading or blogging.

Nothing wrong with painting or reading or blogging, but now I got a lit agent. And if I want to keep her, I gotta write something marketable.


Kim said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm the same way. The other day, I had thoughts just spilling out of my brain. I was so sassy, just the kind of sass I needed for the project I've been working on. Unfortunately, I was not in a place where I could take advantage of the moment. My kids are great for inspiration, but they kill the writing moments too!

I hope you get that spark back soon!

INDIGENE said...

It will come back! Judging your work; it doesn't seem like you can be held down for long!


Artoholic said...

I wrote about the same kinda thing on the same day.

In my case I wanted to know how to swap procrastination with motivation. Having just spent a week at ArtEscape, immersed in learning and producing inspiring pieces, getting back home to a routine kinda killed it all.

Great blog you have here.



rindawriter said...

Don, sometimes just sitting down with a draft in hand and retyping it helps to get started, sometimes quite a bit! I hate getting started and getting INTERRUPTED! Scenario: Rinda typing away in a happy cloud of creativity; cat throws up beside her (sure it was a huge hairball but did she HAVE to throw it up BESIDE ME?), husband bangs out of the kitchen, "The cat threw up," he says, by now I can SMELL the cat throwup and am imagining HOW it is soaking into the carpet....I jump up, deal with the hairball, deal with the carpet, all of five minutes, thump back down in the chair, oh-oh, HAVE to put in the password again, put in the password twice, and it finally works, and load up my screen AGAIN.....and my INSPIRATION has evaporated....my mind's a muddle...and THEN I remember that I haven't visited my friend, Don, in a while, and so I hop onto the Internet to give my weary mind a rest, and tell him ALL about inspiration and my present lack of it, secretly hoping against forlorn hope that my FORMER, pre-CAT THROWUP INSPIRATION will float gently back into my head.....I THINK I am going to turn off the computer now.....