Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm excited to (almost) make an announcement

Six months after my publisher and I began our search for an artist to illustrate my first authored picture book biography, we finally have our artist! But I can't reveal the person's name yet. Bummer, bummer, bummer! I think I'm gonna burst. And I must admit, for those who are wondering, the idea of another artist illustrating my manuscript is a bit, um, awkward. More so than I originally thought it would be. But am extremely, extremely happy and honored to have a person of his/her stature sign on to this project. Again, I can't say who the artist is, but I will say this:

The artist who will illustrate Bill . . .

. . . was one of my top three choices to illustrate this book. I'm a big fan of the artist's work, and I have at least four of his/her books in my personal collection.

. . . is a Coretta Scott King award recipient.

. . . has one of the most distinctive (coolest) styles of illustration in children's publishing today.

. . . is the perfect choice to illustrate this book, given the subject matter. This story was made for this artist, and you'll understand why I say this when you read the book.

I look forward to what (fill in the blank) will bring to this book. It will publish in the spring of 2010.


rbaird said...

How exciting. Won't it be interesting to see how this artist interprets your story. I'm sure as a visual artist (as well I might add!) you've been imagining the written scenes as pictures.
Congratulations Don!

Chris Barton said...

Congratulations, ______________, on getting to be involved in author Don Tate's debut!

danny lowe said...

I better get a signed copy of this book!!

gail said...

This is so exciting!!! Oh man, I might know who it is. Just a guess, but I think we exchanged some comments while discussing style a while back. Can't wait to hear the news!!!


rindawriter said...

This is VERY EXCITING!!! I can't double-bold this comment here, but I would if I could!

I will be thrilled to read this book, Don!

You, author, you!