Saturday, June 14, 2008

If I had a dime for every social network I belonged to . . .

Yesterday, I added Facebook to my portfolio of social networks. Why? Well, because Cynthia recently did so, and if anyone knows how to social network, she certainly does.

So what social networks and blogs do I now belong to? Well, I'm here on Blogger. I'm at MySpace, LiveJournal (which I think is simply a feed), JacketFlap, Wordpress (which I don't use), Twitter and Flickr. In addition, I have a blog presence with my art agent, Nicole, and will soon join in with authors represented by my literary agent, Sara, who plans to launch a group blog. And then there's my super secret semi-anonymous blog, which was a runner-up two years ago for the Black Weblog Award, the Brown Bookshelf, and Devas T's Bookmarks.

Confused? So am I. I have no idea what to do with all these social networks and blogs. MySpace is too cryptic and crashes my computer. I rarely ever use it. I have no idea how to use Twitter or Facebook. Wordpress — eh! I do love JacketFlap, though. Still, I don't use it very often either.

Ironic though, how these social networks really don't make me any more social. I just shooed the wife away — 6 times — so I could participate in my social networks. Guess if she wants my attention, she'll have to join MySpace. :)

One lament: I recently deleted the blog I maintained at the newspaper where I work, and I am so sad that I did so. It catered more so to the readers at that site — newsy people — and I received as many as 3000 hits per day, people looking for my cartoons. But the blog was controversial, and contained political cartoons, which I feared might cause problems for me. It was unique, and I miss it.

Unrelated thought for the day: Sunday mornings will never be the same.


carlasarratt said...

Hey Don,

I'm on Facebook too. :) I agree that I am on so many social networks but I seldom have the time for any of them since they're blocked at work.

Paula said...

I've resisted Facebook because I'm to my saturation point. It's feeling like social networking is taking time away from writing and I simply need to put the brakes on.

I go through these periods where I think I'm missing out, but when I tally how much time blogging and such take, I know I'll only end up crashing if I don't pull back.

rindawriter said...

Yes, social networking DOES take precious time away for other important things.

I suggest using the sites simply as an advertisement or contact point for your personal web site or blog.

TracyGrand said...

I am thrilled to hear JacketFlap is your favorite of the social networking sites!! We are trying everyday to make it even more "social"... I will keep you posted!