Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I have a new favorite illustrator

Today I bought the coolest book: Deep Sea Doctor Dean by Leo Timmers. I have no idea what this book is about. The story may be the greatest ever written. Or it may suck (I doubt). Regardless, the illustrations are what children's picture books are all about — or should be. They're eye-catching and fun, fun, fun!

Leo now joins my ever-growing list of favorite illustrators, which include Brian Selznick, Mark Buehner (my all-time fav), Kadir Nelson, Brian Pinkney and Mark Teague. I like children's book illustration that is fun; all that high design, coffee table, gallery, collage stuff doesn't much appeal to the child in me.

In other news:
My editor, Steve, and my art director, Sara, both liked my final art for Ron on a Big Mission (the name changed).

Quotes: "...I really think that this is a breakthrough in your career..."

"...The art arrived, and looks fantastic!!! Bravo! !!!..."


Joey said...

Thanks for sharing. Great stuff under the radar.

Also wanted to let you know my son Jonah, who is 2, really enjoys when we visit your animal portfolio. In particular, the zebra and giraffe.

Unique style.

rindawriter said...

I like what you like in picture book illustration, too. It should be fun and interesting for little ones (and big ones, too!)

indigene said...

I like so many children's books and styles; I'm actually glad there are so many, since each child is so different, there is something for every child no matter the technique, style or medium. We have the same taste in illustrators, although Jerry Pinkney, Leo & Diane Dillon are my absolute favorites! :)