Sunday, June 15, 2008


I just finished the cover/jacket art for Ron on a Big Mission, to publish with Dutton! Thank goodness 'cause a brotha is broke; book illustration pays at the beginning and end, and this end has been a long time coming. The art goes out tomorrow, and unless there are any revisions — which I don't anticipate — I'm finished with this book! And ready to promote. My editor mentioned that he'd like for me to participate in some book store promotions.

Now I'm ready for vacation (we're taking two this summer, Orlando and then Vegas).

My admission here the other day, about downloading Barry Mannilow music, has apparently cost me some cool points. On more than one occasion this weekend, someone dropped the bomb, "So, Barry Manilow, huh?" One guy even threatened to revoke my Black Man card.

So to make things right, I downloaded some Puff Daddy. Ain't nobody cooler than Diddy. Right? 'Cept for maybe Snoop, but I already have all his music.


rbaird said...

Here again, I thinks it's more our generation thing! It's weird to see all the stars getting older huh? BTW, my favorite Mannilow song is "Looks like we made It" Gets me choked up a little! LOL... True life!

Good luck with the book, your paintings look great.

gail said...

Great finish!


rindawriter said...

Fantastic! Be yourself online and off. Listen to what makes YOU happy. You got to live with you. The commentors don't!!!!