Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finding normalcy after a big project

I just returned from my doctor, who generously gave me a valuable take-home gift. No, not a gasoline card, something better: He gave me a free three month supply of Crestor samples. Better than gold for us high-cholesterol, gotta-take-an-expensive-pill-everyday kind of folk. So starting today, I'm reclaiming my health!

I stopped working out months ago, so heavily focused on completing paintings for Ron on a Big Mission. And I'm one of those guys who never . . . okay . . . NEVER misses a day without a hard workout. Having been away from my weights and Taebo and running and bootcamp workout videos for so long, I feel like mush.

So there's no time for blogging here. I'm off to the gym . . . er, I mean, my garage. Who can afford a gym membership on an illustrators salary?

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rindawriter said...

I don't need cholesterol medication, and I don't work out, and something is NOT adding up here! Is it genes?!!