Saturday, June 07, 2008

Change is for real

Had it not been for the candidacy of Barack Obama, this book cover might have offended me. "Cute," I'd have thought. "But don't play head-games with African American children." But images like this are no longer far fetched. How far have we come?

For a second, let's pretend we don't know he's an African American. Let's pretend we don't know about his incredible oratory and organizational skills. For a second, let's pretend we only know his name: Barack Hussein Obama.

Do you know what that says to little Black kids with ghetto-french names you can't pronounce, like Jaekwon, LeMarcus, Quanaisha, Ri'Sharrd, Treveone, TyJon, and Yaneisha?

Means you can be Black, have a funny name, and still run for President of the greatest country in the world. Change might've began as a clever political slogan. But change has certainly come.

In other news: If anyone knows how to contact this illustrator, have him contact me. Or better yet, have him contact his family. It's very important he do so.

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indigene said...

You are so right! No matter one's political association, there is change in the air and it's a good thing!