Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thanks for your input

The other day, I solicited your opinion on one of my illustrations. Your input — along with my wife's — really helped. For whatever reason, I felt like I needed to break up the large brown hardwood floor area in the painting, so I'd considered doing something creative with lighting. But that didn't quite work, and that wasn't the problem anyway.

After reading your responses, and after looking at my original sketches, I realized that my biggest problem was cropping. Originally I'd planned to crop in tight, but later added more image to allow the designer some play room, in case he didn't want Ron's ear to fall in the gutter. But expanding the image also took away from the focus. When I crop in as originally planned, the large floor becomes less of an issue. Plus, I forgot, I'd already addressed the flat floor area by adding the rug, not a part of my original sketch (hope my publisher won't mind these little unplanned additions).

Thanks again!


rbaird said...

That did it. It really works.
Looks great too!

indigene said...

Perfecto! Looking real good!

rindawriter said...

It does look very well. I think the rug addition was crucial. It adds tremendously.