Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Painting in the dark; don't try this at home

This morning I awoke to storm warnings. While on the drive to my son's school, I could see dark clouds approaching from the south. Nickel-size hail was forecast, so I hurried home to clear the garage so I could park inside. That stole about an hour of my time. No sooner than I closed the garage door behind me, the storm hit. I got my brushes, turned off my computer and started to paint.

Thunder shook the house, lightening struck outside my window, and no sooner than I laid paint to paper, the electricity went out. I grabbed my camping flashlight and continued to paint. Once the storm passed, I painted to the light coming from the window.

When the electricity finally came back on, I realized that painting in the dark doesn't work so well. My colors were way off, bright like neon. So, it was back to the saturated rag, and reworking my colors, that were glowing in the dark. Sigh.


Amy Bowllan said...

Don, this is an awesome photo. It certainly sends a message of solitude, dedication, and passion for one's work. imho

rbaird said...

Aww... that's a drag!
I have to admire your determination though.

Rinda M. Byers said...

Yes your courage in persisting on is IMPRESSIVE. Can you get yourself a back up light-light that can stand alone and work off batteries?

We got a small gasoline generator that, when the lights go out, power the icebox and a light and the computers. It's awfully nice to have when the storms hit. We get the lights out even here in mild Western Washington (usually)

indigene said...

This one goes on a poster, marked, "Determined Artist!" Hang in there, we're all waiting for you to finish, so we can purchase it.