Monday, May 19, 2008

National Marrow Donor Awareness Campaign

These are my nieces, three of the bravest girls you'll ever meet. Their story is extraordinary. If you have a minute, check it out.

We're happy that Madison's transplant was successful. And were happy that a donor was found for Olivia, too. We're sad she'll have to miss Disneyland next month. We'll plan something next year.


Amy Bowllan said...

Wow! Don, your sister and your nieces are indeed, AMAZING. What an amazing story of courage and commitment. Thank you for sharing this.

indigene said...

Truly amazing! God Bless those darlings and their parents. I wish more people would be donors, it is indeed life saving. Thanks for sharing this intimate part of your life!

rindawriter said...

This is a truly amazing story and so glad you shared it online.

I used to transcribe dictation for a bone marrow transplant unit in a hospital, on the patient floor quite a while ago. I'll never forget it. I can tell you we took great care in our work, that's for sure!