Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day! I'm stressed!

My kitchen has amassed a population of unwashed dishes, a crowd so large and raucous, neither my wife or I have had the nerve to challenge them.

Globs of dirty laundry snake a path from our bedroom upstairs to the laundry room below. Soiled socks mix with clean t-shirts. Dark colors mix with light. Camp gear, books, batteries, homework, tennis shoes, puzzle pieces everywhere.

My wife and I both are way too busy.

But that's only a portion of my stress. Today is May 1st. My publisher has requested to have the final paintings for Ron in May. For me, that means May 31. For them, that probably means today.

Dirty dishes. Unwashed laundry. 18 unfinished paintings. And no sleep. **exhale**

I'm stressed.


indigene said...

I understand! Just take it one tiny step at a time...maybe buy paper plates and just clear a path to walk for now.'re going to have to paint...Sending many prayers your way! :)

rindawriter said...

You need a maid! Seriously one-time only!!! I would hire a couple of money-hungry teenage girls to help out through this busy time! Maybe you could get some sleep, your wife could get some sleep too!