Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Help! I need your opinion

I'd appreciate your opinion. I'm having trouble with one of my paintings. So I took a digital photo (which explains the ripples) and played around with it in Photoshop. But I still can't figure out which one works better. Don't diss me now. Writers and illustrators, a brotha needs your opinion. In case you can't tell the difference, on Example B, I've added lighting to the floor, to make look like the child is reading under, maybe, a lamp. I won't rework the actual painting until Thursday. Thanks in advance.

Example A:

Example B:


Anonymous said...

I like A the best. For me, the difference in floor color in B is distracting. I'm no expert though. I can only, on a good day, draw sticks. That's right, not even figures.

Danette V.

Kim said...

I looked at the pictures before reading the text above to see what we were comparing. My initial response--"Oh, in the second one, he's reading near a window." I like B best. It feels warmer and more cozy to me!

Amy Bowllan said...

LOVE both, but A looks the "cleanest."

Anonymous said...

The rich colors of the floor boards in A
are very pleasing to the eye. And they work so well
with the colors in the rug. Maybe forgo extra realism in favor of going for eye-candy? I do like the extra shadow depth in the book page on the left in B. Maybe the falling-off-the-pile book could be green, if you want more color in this painting.
I'm a fan of this blog.

roz said...


indigene said...

I like (A) best! Crisp, clean, rich colors and eye catching!

I actually asked eight teens who were visiting and they all said, "A, no joke"

I know, eight teens, I'm still shuddering from it! lol!

Anonymous said...

A. I love how the airplane "pops" against the warm floor color. Overall, I like the feel of A. But I like the green book in B.