Friday, May 16, 2008

5 Things I Wish I Learned In School

Amy of Bowllan's Blog tagged me with 5 Things I Wish I Learned In School. Considering that I only paid attention to art-related classes, I wish I'd learned everything else.

But that would be too easy an answer to the tag.

Patience is something that can't be taught. It's something you learn over time. I haven't learned this virtue. Standing in line. Waiting in traffic. My wife being late. Ahhh! I'm much too impatient.

I wish I'd attended an illustration school, maybe in New York. I've done pretty well for a self-trained illustrator. But sometimes I wonder where I'd be if I'd had formal training in the publishing city.

Life would be so much easier if I had a better grasp on my finances. It's not too late to learn, but now I'm too busy. In home economics, I wish they'd taught more about family finances, and less about making dashikis and pancakes.

I love watching political pundits battle it out on television. And I enjoy reading political blogs and cartoons. But don't ask me how government works. It wasn't until last year that I'd even heard of the term super delegate. I wish I'd learned more about civics and government. Same thing?

Books were introduced to me in grade school, of course. But I didn't notice them until way after I graduated high school. I wish I'd discovered Richard Wright or Langston Hughes or Gordon Parks when I was in grade school.

If you have something you wish you'd have learned in school, consider yourself tagged.

Completely unrelated, so I understand if you don't have time to look. Excuse a proud dad. If you stick with the whole thing — about 3 minutes — you can see my son's new trick he performs over and over and over...



rbaird said...

Now I wonder who taught him that...hmmm.
He is a sweetheart!!

princesstomato said...

awww, look at him go! wonderful!
this is something i wish *I* could have learned in elementary school! :) good for him!


indigene said...

Oh, he is so adorable, a little M&M with eyes :)

Hmm, I agree with you on patience and going to illustration school. Although, I've found that the patience is coming, at least the closer I get to (50) it does. As far as going to illustration school, it would have been great to go, because I would have had a lot more time learning and loving what I do even more! do make me think...have a great weekend!

Amy Bowllan said...

A healthy exercise, right? Thanks for sharing, Don.

rindawriter said...

Your son is a sweetheart, I agree! Looks good in the black shirt, too.