Friday, April 11, 2008

Time to buy a new toy

I was tickled while watching Kadir Nelson's WE ARE THE SHIP trailer. In it, Kadir revealed that he himself was the model for many of the images in the book, that he "suited up" and took pictures of himself. That didn't surprise me at all because, as I flipped through the book (way before seeing the trailer), I immediately recognized Kadir in many of the paintings. That's when I realized that I wasn't alone, that I'm not the only artist who dresses up and stages photo shoots of myself (sometimes several times per day). So I was thrilled he made that acknowlegment in the trailer.

Over the past couple weeks, my digital camera has been dying a slow death, and as of this morning, I think it's taken it's last photo (pictured above). Believe it or not, it's a picture of me, standing at a window, modeling a scene from Little Ron on a Big Mission. Without my camera, I'm stuck.

How does Ron's pajamas gather and fold under his arms as he rests his hands on the window sill? How will the light coming from a lamp affect those folds? Considering the technique I'm using, this problem should have been worked out in my underpainting. I didn't address the problem then, and I'm stuck now without a camera.

Before digital cameras, when I needed photo reference immediately (and didn't want to wait for photo processing) I took pictures with an instant camera, a Polaroid Spectra 2. But at $20 bucks a cartridge for 10 pictures, that wasn't the most cost effective way to work.

So here I am, sitting at my computer, blogging, wasting time not painting because I don't have a digital camera. Have I become too overly dependent on technology?

Maybe so, but regardless, I'm getting a new camera this weekend. Shhh!— don't tell the wife, although I think she's the one who broke my camera (Shhh!— don't tell her that either).

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rindawriter said...

Perhaps we are all getting too dependent on's amazing, though, how some people are tekki minded and others not.

Our quilters' guild recently decided to e-mail our newsletter not pay for posting it snail mail...oh, my, the squakking...over half the guild has no functional e-mail.....

"Oh, brave, new world!"

Miranda said that in the Tempest by William Shakespeare.