Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday tidbits

I've been so heavily into my paintings, I forgot all about The Texas Library Association Conference next week. On Thursday at 11:15 a.m., and again at 2:00 p.m., I will be autographing my books, Summer Sun Risin' and Black All Around! at the Lee & Low Books booth (#2049). If you're there, be sure to stop by. Say hello. Help me to look popular.

I never did create a Brown Bookshelf T-shirt as planned. I'd wanted to wear it on the exhibit floor, to advertise to librarians about our website and initiatives. No time for that now, but when I do get around to creating the T-shirts, I'll post an announcement over at The Brown Bookshelf.

Regretfully, I'll have to miss the children's book blogger's tea, hosted by Anastasia Suen. The tea is on Tuesday, but I won't arrive to the conference until Thursday. Bummer.

Last week, I received my copies of signed contracts (and partial advance) for Bill, a picture book that will publish with Lee & Low Books. For many reasons, I will not be the illustrator for this project. For one, my illustration style is stylized, playful, borderline cartoon-y. The story is not. The publisher and I both felt an edgier, grittier style would be more appropriate. In addition, I already have two picture books lined up following Ron.

My editor contacted my top two choices for illustrators, and were still awaiting feedback. I'll post updates soon.

I finished the first draft of another picture book. I'll share it with my crit group after at least one full rewrite. At this point, the story is too loose and my main character's personality needs to be better definition. I've been asking myself: What will she do? Characters are defined by what they do and how they respond to conflict.

I got a full week ahead!


rindawriter said...

Ooh, Don! I wish I were in your critique group. What DID she do?

Did she promise to meet him, but she couldn't because her mother tripped over the old, yellow cat's ragged tail and bruised up her face so badly that she had to go into the hospital and her daughter had to stay with her mother because last year in April, her mother had a serious stroke, with a clot in her lungs and nearly died, and the daughter jsut knew she would feel guilty about it for the rest of her life if she didn't make sure that her mother was safe in the hospital, but then she might have now ruined her own life too because maybe, maybe this man in her life was almost certainly the only man in the life that would ever, ever matter, ever make her happy, ever make her joyful, and forever be her man, but she couldn't get through to him either to tell him where she was and why she had missed their date at the Ironglades Inn for braised turkey and white radishes with raisins in that unforgettable wine from some county in Eastern Washingon State and all because because her wee, silver-pink cell phone went suddenly dead, more dead than the mouse she had thrown away yesterda, and she didn't know she couldn't reach her loving man because the satellite tower had gotten bombed by environmental terrorists, one of whom was her incidentally her boyfriend but he couldn't tell her the secret story of his life because others might get killed, including her becasue of it, but one thing she was still certain about and that was that her writing critique buddies would all understand why she was, this week of all weeks, completely unable to bring a manuscript into critique group that week, but they, she knew, would stand by her and love her faithfully still...

MAYBE, you wouldn't want me in your critique group after all...........I think I had better tend my ownself by my ownself and finish up some new stuff on the DB, a powerful, explosive new manuscript until recently hidden in the depths of the utmost secrecy.....

Cloudscome said...

I would love to get one of those tee shirts! I invited you to a blogger picnic today at 7 Imp today. I don't know if they asked to print your picture - hope it's OK? Let me know and I'll ask them to take it down if not.

Liz in Ink said...

Don, you have got it GOING ON!!!