Monday, April 07, 2008

People watching

If I had time to create yet another blog, I'd call it As Seen Around Austin. I'd post drawings of people I run into while out running errands around this city, like the guy I've pictured here. He works at the art store where I purchased my brushes earlier today.

I saved his image inside my head all afternoon, until I could take a break from work to draw him. I think he thought he was cool, his mascara-painted eye peeking out from under a curtain of hair that covered half of his face. A silver studded belt double-wrapped his waistless jeans. Not sure why he needed a belt at all, his jeans so tight he'd need a pocket blade to remove them. When he dropped my paintbrush on the floor, he struggled to stoop down. His tightly-wrapped jeans simply wouldn't allow his knees to bend properly.

His look is no doubt über-fashionable, in certain circles. But inside my circle, the guy's funny. I'm such an awful people watcher. I should have taken my camera to this past weekend's Urban Music Festival. Prime character studies I missed out on.

Maybe I'll find time to start that blog after all. Someday.


indigene said...

I love people watching, too! But, be careful, your son might pick up on it too! My daughter would watch my expressions and say, Mom, don't stare, it's not nice! Or my personal favorite line of hers, "Mom, did you ever think that when they left the house they thought they looked great! No one leaves the house thinking I'm doing my best to look unattractive!" She's a nice kid, I'm sure she gets it from her kind Dad! lol! lol!

Disco Mermaids said...

"His look is no doubt über-fashionable, in certain circles. But inside my circle, the guy's funny."

That is hilarious!!!

People of Austin, watch out.

- Jay

Liz in Ink said...

Dang. I wish I could draw.

rindawriter said...

Don, you describe this guy with words very well, also!

Oh my, how would we manage without watching other people!???!!

Is they us? Or is us they? Or is some of them some of us too?