Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No camping: I can paint!

I just received the best and worst news, all balled-up into one email: The Cub Scout camping trip planned for this weekend has been canceled. Good news because I'm am swamped with illustrations for my book, Ron, and I really didn't have time to go camping anyway. Bad news because my son was really looking forward to the two-day camping trip.

After reading the email, I realized that my weekend was free. I didn't have to pull an all-nighter tonight, painting, as I'd planned. I can paint all day, for the next three days! But then it occurred to me. If we don't go camping as planned, the wife will make me go to a church marriage ministry social on Saturday night. Yuck! Yuck! Phooey! Phooey!

So I shot off an email to the Cub Scout parents: Let's go camping anyway! You don't have to be a Cub Scout to go camping, right?

In other news: Thanks, Amy Bowllan, for the shout out on your blog, over at SLJ. I appreciate that you noticed.


Amy Bowllan said...

Thank YOU, too, Don for the 'shouts' - much appreciation.

rindawriter said...

It must be a law of some sort!

You get rid of one thing, and another moves in somehow.....

sleeping bags said...

Sometimes no matter how much work I have, I drop it all and go camping with my kids anyway.