Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My editor and art director reads my blog

I'm honored and thrilled — and maybe even a bit horrified — to learn that my peeps at Dutton actually read this blog. And they like it! There was a question concerning my blog-to-painting ratio, considering Ron is due soon. But all is good, I think.

I do blog a lot, and I write picture books, too. But when I'm blogging or writing, it's only because I'm at a point where I simply can't paint. I'm either waiting for a series of paintings to dry, or I'm tired of painting and need a break.


I'm on the highway in a couple hours, headed for TLA Dallas. I'll be signing my books tomorrow morning and again in the afternoon. But tonight in my hotel room, I'll be working on Ron. Yes, I'm packing my paintings and brushes, my turpentine and reference materials. Instead of staying up late tonight watching CNN and Fox News, I'll paint . . . while listening to CNN and Fox News.

I got my new digital camera, so I'll post a visual report of TLA sometime soon! When I'm waiting for my paint to dry, of course. : )

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Charles Apple said...


Aw, dude. We overlapped just a bit. I flew to Dallas Tuesday, spoke at the Morning News that afternoon and taught a full-day session at the Belo building Wednesday. I flew home Thursday.