Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Forging ahead: Adding color

It's taken me awhile to get used to this technique — transparent color layers over greyscale images — but it's growing on me. These paintings have depth, more so than any of my previous works. They possess a 3-dimensional, jewel-like quality. It's like I could reach right into this painting, grab a plate off the table, and sit it down on the counter behind Ron. This happened by accident. Believe me, I didn't plan it that way.

On the downside, finishing this book is going to take longer than what I'd anticipated — at least another month, which will take me into mid May. Having spent so much time on the underpaintings, establishing values and form, I figured it would take no more than one day to color each image. That. Nada. Gonna. Happen.

If I had it to do over, I'd use acrylic paint instead of oil. I love oil painting. No other medium can touch it's luminous quality. But acrylics dry almost immediately, where oil paint takes it's time. Even though I'm using alkyds — fast drying oil paint — I still have to wait at least a day for the paint to dry before I can paint over it again. Grrr.

OK, gotta go.

P.S. About the bald head. It's an accident. I cut my own hair, and last week in a hurry, I forgot to clip on the little plastic accessory that prevents the clippers from going too low. Took a bite out my 'fro the size of an apple. So, I had to cut it all off.

On the upside, the wife says it's very sexy attractive, so I've decided to keep it.


rbaird said...

Your paintings are turning out gorgeous. I'm glad you are pleased with them.
You're too funny about your hair cut! Those cutting guards are an important step!

gail said...

Looks great!!

Joey said...

Nice work Don. You are patient to work in oils. Either way, your style really shines through.

rindawriter said...

LOVE the idea of exra luminosity in those paintings, love the glow it produces.

It does look like your arm might start aching after a while in that position.

Don't feel bad about the haircut. You did lots better than I did when I cut my husband's hair for the first time not so long ago.

I was so worried about cutting the back hair straight that I did a good job with that, but...

I CUT OFF HIS SIDEBURNS!!!! He had to go in and sort of fixed them a bit but....needless to was a bit more intense for a while around here.

My friend is a haircutter, and she showed me later how to make sure not to cut off sideburns and how to get them perfectly even on both sides.

I am not going to beauty school any time soon.