Saturday, March 22, 2008

Winding down a busy week

Last week was a blur. In addition to applying the first layers of color on Ron, a picture book, I also squeezed in a rather large assignment for Read & Rise Magazine (a portion of an illustration above).

I like this style because it is quick and allows me to work very small details without . . . well, without too much detail, if you know what I mean. I painted these (8 spots) in acrylic on Canson paper.

In other news: When it comes to political news coverage, I'm on overload. Politically, I tend to think conservatively. However, when it comes to my vote for President, I'm voting for Obama. As my Book Quiz from yesterday suggested, I'm a conflicted brotha.

I love following the political news coverage, but for the sake of my sanity, I've decided to stop watching. I'm finding myself getting angry. Even depressed.

About a month ago, on the day of the Texas primary, a white coworker pulled me aside and told me of her decision to vote for Obama. "He's not really a black man anyway," she said, referencing his white mother and African father.

Her comment confused me. Unless I misunderstood, was she was open to casting her vote for Obama, as long as she could view him as non-black? I guess. Maybe I read too much into her comment?

As she spoke, I had one of Oprah's ah-ha moments. I figured, the grits are gonna hit the fan — big time — when folks wake up and realize that Obama really is a black man.

I think that happened this past week.


indigene said...

I know it's crazy! I'm just going to vote and let the chips fall as they may. My Dad always says, never discuss politics or religion with friends or associates, you'll lose them! I've found it to be true! Politics, like religion goes deep into one's foundation and ideals, something you can't mess with!
Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

rindawriter said...

I LOVE Obama's talent as a speaker; it's just amazing how he can bring people together.

I never think of his skin color; it's that genius inside of him that amazes me so much.

Kyra said...

Hey Don - I've been following the race... and also looking at the incredible artwork being created during this election period. I just HAD to buy the Obama finger puppet!

Best, Kyra