Saturday, March 08, 2008

My promotional flyer, educational publishers

A few weeks ago, I presented at SCBWI Houston, where I preached the importance of artists promoting their services. Hypocrite, I am. In the last ten years or so, I haven't done much self promotion at all, other than my website and this blog.

So yesterday, I created the flyer above. My art agent will use it in a spring mailing to educational publishers. Go ahead, download it if you'd like. Once I receive approval on the layout, I'll upload the flyer to They have a great deal going: 500 prints for $199.00*. And they'll mail the prints directly to my art agent.

I was advised to use only one or two images on the flyer, just enough to draw publishers to my or my agents website. Instead, I used 6. I'm a cheapskate. If I'm going to spend almost $200 on promotion, I wanna squish as many images on one page as possible.

FYI: Tugeau2 now has a blog! It hasn't launched yet, but will soon. Tune in.

*I just noticed,, in the last 24 hours, has completely redesigned their website (for the worse), and raised their prices. Disregard the price I listed above.


Indigene said...

Wonderful promo piece! You've been very busy for someone who hasn't done in promotions! Keep up the great work!

rindawriter said...

It's really attractive. I'm glad you used 6 photos. I like dense-looking pictorial things