Monday, February 18, 2008

Real life drama is better than fiction

My daughter called tonight.

I wish you could have heard
The sparkle in her voice.

Sheer jubilation.

She's gonna be on national TV.
For her, a lifelong dream come true.

I should have been more supportive
When she shared her news.

But I didn't say a word.
I just couldn't fake the funk.

Tomorrow morning, she flies to California.
Both she and her husband. They're both so excited.

They're gonna star on Divorce Court.

No kidding. I'm serious.

And I know what you are thinking, reading this.
And to you I say: It's national TV. It ain't a secret.


Kim said... That's rough. Sorry to hear their exciting news.

If it didn't hit so close to home, it really does have the makings of a great novel. Throw a tween-aged kid in there. Focus on his/her horror as the dirty laundry is aired on national tv. Oh, my!

Indigene said...

Boy, the joy of's like the excitement of your first kiss and then shooting yourself in the foot! No, they didn't pick us as parents, but in reality, we didn't choose them either! All this to say, hang in there, really it could be worse and I'm praying for you.

rindawriter said...

Hang in there, Don. It's tough for parents--I mean they can't help still feeling like a parent of a younger child but now she's all grown up and that's tough to let go.

Just remember, she's your child, but you are YOUR OWN PERSON still, no matter what she does. You don't have to agree with her to be a good parent who still loves her.

And you don't have to share any blame or shame of her fame. This is her choice all on her own.

Again, hang it there! I have a few younger family members I'd MUCH rather not be related to....and that's the truth...but I still have to be there for them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about this. I had a cousin tell the family she was going to be on a reality show. It turned out to be college hill. Let's just say there was plenty of discussion at the family reunion that summer.

Rita said...

Are you kidding!!

Huh. Does one tape a show like that, for the family archives?