Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Yesterday, after a private media tour of Austin's new performing arts center, I found myself in the awkward position of walking several blocks back to work with one of our newsroom suits — my bosses boss. Actually, I was the one who was awkward. She's actually a very nice person.

As we walked, I babbled on profusely, trying to avoid an uncomfortable silence. Mostly, of course, I talked about my art projects, and particularly my new book deal. She was genuinely happy for me, and offered her congratulations.

When she asked if I planned to write another biography, I was stumped. I explained to her that I would like to write another, but before I could do that, I'd need to be truly inspired. So far, although several friends have offered suggestions, I haven't found another person who inspires me enough to write about them.

But that's all over now; my boss offered a name. Later, she sent an email with some background information about the person. I'm so inspired. But I'm also so very challenged. Not much is known about this person. But what is known has all the necessary ingredients to make a compelling story.

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rindawriter said...

Wow! I LOVE biographies about people who are not that well known or who don't have work about them done yet.

I got inspired too...check out my widgety thingie on my newest blog! Funny.....oh well...I was taking a play break...