Saturday, February 09, 2008

I need some writing goals to ease my stress

This afternoon while at an SCBWI meeting, Cynthia Leitich Smith walked up and congratulated me on the good news I'd been sharing on my blog lately. Several others congratulated me, too. Instead of accepting their well wishes with grace, I grimaced. I felt stress.

So many great things are happening for me; this is a time that I should be celebrating. Instead, I'm worried about the disarray of my writing life. A partial first-draft of a YA verse novel is tucked away on my computer. Somewhere. Another project I haven't touched since last fall, an early chapter, year-in-the-life novel. I have several picture books in various stages of completion. Then there's that picture book bio I was so inspired about last week. I'm not sure how this agent/writer thing works, but I feel like it's time to put up or shut up.

Sometime soon, I need to plan out some writing goals. I'll feel better once I do that. And based upon how many times my wife and son interrupted me while I tried to write this short post today, one of those goals will be to gently communicate to them, DON'T BOTHER ME WHEN I'M WRITING!

In other news: Varian Johnson was the speaker this morning's meeting. He offered advice to authors on using supplemental tools to enhance a manuscript, things like footnotes, charts, diagrams, emails, doodles, etc. Unfortunately, I thought the meeting started at 11:30, when actually it began at 10:30. I was an hour late and arrived just in time to hear questions. Most times, family obligations conflict with SCBWI meeting times, so I can't attend. But today, there was no basketball or baseball or soccer or Cub Scouts. I was looking forward to hearing Varian's presentation, more so to take notes to use in my SCBWI presentation in two weeks. Bummer I missed this. But I did get an autographed copy of his book, My Life As A Rhombus. Cool!

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rindawriter said...

Sometimes the writing life just chugs along...just a bit every day...but keep putting that bit of time in every day on it...just try fifteen minutes a day...just to jot ideas down is good