Monday, January 21, 2008

My agent anguish is over

It's (almost) official, I have a new art agent: Nicole Tugeau of Team Tugeau 2. And she's already hooked me up with a new assignment, due on Wednesday.

This was a tough decision for me. I was in discussions with three agents (a third contacted me on Friday), but by then, I'd pretty much made my final decision. Nicole is like a fireball — high energy, but not overbearing. She's newer to the business — five-years-old, if I remember — so she's in an aggressive mode, building her business. The question isn't: Will she find work for me? She will, she already has! The better question is: Will I be able to keep up with her?

When I chatted with her last week, she was so enthusiastic — about me and the field of children's publishing in general — that I couldn't even get a word in edgewise. I just listened in delight, and responded to her, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, OK."

Team Tugeau will represent me specifically in the area of educational publishing, which will include educational books, children's magazines, textbooks — the bread-and-butter kind of projects that pay the bills. I've reserved the area of trade for myself, leaving open the option to obtain a literary agent. But if a lit agent doesn't come along soon, we'll discuss the possibility of modifying our contract to include trade, too. Nicole says she can get my written works in front of an editor just as well as any lit agent.

Suzanne will remain my licensing agent.

P.S. Nicole Tugeau is the daughter-in-law of art agent Christina Tugeau (who will speak at our SCBWI conference later this year). I'm told the two sometimes team up on projects as one large team.


Indigene said...

Wow! That is awesome! Congrats! Be careful what you ask for, you may get it, lol! You want to have so much work that you're turning it away, so that you always have something in the pipeline to keep the currency fluid. You are truly an inspiration, and I'm exactly where you are as far as paying the bill! Truly, I understand, thank God for wonderful spouses!

Chris Barton said...

Congratulations, Don (and Nicole)!

gail said...

Great news Don!


rindawriter said...

Yes, Congratulations, Don!