Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lookybook: Bad idea or good?

I might be wrong, but I'm very uncomfortable with Lookybook. I know what some people will say: "Nothing will ever replace a tangible picture book." But that's what the newspaper industry said, too.


Kyra said...


What an interesting site! Thank you for posting about it. I do think it's a good idea - and have responded in length on my blog,

What makes you uncomfortable with Lookybook?

Best, Kyra

Casey_G said...

Hey Don,

I agree with Kyra; I wouldn't worry yet. I think it will be years before books are lost from children's hands, truthfully if ever.
What I would do is see this site as a huge positive. I can't tell you how many parents feel they have no idea what books are out there for their kids, saying it is overwhelming to go into a book store and pick something out of the hundreds of titles lined up showing mainly very thin spins. Here is a site where they can sit, with kid in lap, comfortably at home and peruse books, which is how a large portion of people feel most comfortable. I think it will help them find the books that really speak to them. And more kids are getting online and it is something they can look at themselves and then more easily tell their parents what books they want.
Nice find.

( said...

We'll have to see what happens with it, I suppose. Hopefully, they have the copyrights and Web safety issue all tied up tight as far as protecting that online.

Interesting to see so many big names and big publisher names there already though.

Liz in Ink said...

Actually, I love it and bought a couple of books for Christmas BECAUSE of it. Really...

Anonymous said...

Hi Don- I think Lookybook is a great idea- so great that I am working for them as an Author-ILlustrator Liaison. I am an A/I (40 books) and as we know Backlist books are not shown in bookstores. This is a chance for those books to be seen. I think it will help sales. Also- a few facts- these minibooks CANNOT be downloaded or printed. Please feel free to email me.- Maryann Cocca _Leffler

Anonymous said...

Another newcomer site is: -- they allow you to read & create books (very addictive create tool!).