Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feedback from an earlier post

I'm so very astonished at how much feedback I receive from a blog post I made a few months ago about a skit performed at my son's Cub Scout meeting. Other than congratulations received for publishing successes, that post has to be my most popular. I get an email each time someone comments on it. Once I received an email from someone who didn't want to post a comment on my blog, but took the time to find my email address and send a nasty note.

I was simply recalling what I'd witnessed at a Cub Scout meeting, and how it made me feel. I wasn't asking anyone to agree or disagree with me. But boy, I riled some folk!

I enjoy participating with my son in Cub Scouts. I have no intention of trying to change the organization. My son is a scout, and will remain as long as he's interested. I will, however, silently cringe to myself each and every time they stick a feather someplace and call themselves Indians. Just me, sorry.


if ~ever said...

I understand the sentiment. A few years back, a middle school in my neighborhood called their mascot- The Indians. A Native American student took the school district to court and won his case -- to have the school change the name of their mascot.

scribbler said...

Try going to one in South Carolina or Virginia. It's not just the Indians that get the heat over there.