Sunday, January 20, 2008

A cold, possibly the flu

At this very moment, I am so abso-freaking-lutely sick, the mere act of blinking my eyes is a major triumph. The words, I feel like crap, is an understatement. Pain!— You hear me, throbbing, grinding, rotten pain! All over my body. Ug.

And now that I'm working part-time at the newspaper, I cannot call in sick. Doing so would drastically affect my bottom-line because tomorrow's a holiday. Martin Luther King Day. No disrespect intended, but...Double time! Lord knows I need it.

Somehow I have to make it through tomorrow and Tuesday. Then I'm off the remainder of the week.

Why couldn't I have gotten sick on Wednesday?


Indigene said...

I love your rants and raves! Believe me I know how you feel I just discovered your website, blog, etc. I've been an artist forever, although it seems that folks are just finding that out! I'm gradually working my way into children's illustration! Anyhow, I'll be checking your blog & site out often and believe me I know what it is like being that "bit of pepper" in the salt! Get well soon and God Bless!

rindawriter said...

I hope you survive okay at work. Take the ibuprofen for the aching if you can, with food of course. I find it works better for swelling and inflammation, like for a sinus infection and cold aches. Lots of liquids. Chicken soup, yes it has things in it that help. Fresh oranges, for the C. It's miserable, I know, I've worked a lot while ill