Friday, December 21, 2007

Running on empty

What a busy, crazy, supposed to be time off before Christmas, week this has been for me. Here's a recap:

Revisions for Ron, a picture book I'm illustrating for Dial, are ongoing, but I do have approval to begin painting on most of the book. Problem is, it's Christmas now, and I ain't got no money to spend on paint. I need to get the wife a gift, maybe three. Painting will be on hold until after the holidays.

I sent several inquiries to the heads of the visual communications department at ACC. I'd like to teach maybe once or twice a week — Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, maybe even an illustration course. I was shocked, however, to discover how much the commercial art curriculum has changed since I was in school. No more airbrush courses! No production art, at least not with amberlith, exacto blades and hot wax. Many, if not most, of the classes now involve computer animation of some type — 2D, 3D. Yikes!

Earlier this week, I did quite a bit of research for The Brown Bookshelf. We've been busy making author selections for our 28-Days initiative in February. I never realized before, but other than illustrators who've crossed over, there aren't many African American male authors writing picture books. Julius Lester, Jabari Asim, Gavin Curtis. Is that it? Kevin Lewis. Can you name any more?

I refinanced my home at a lower interest rate. Did it mostly through email. Didn't lower my mortgage payment as much as I'd hoped.

I could easily list a dozen more things I accomplished, but thinking about them makes me even more tired than I already am.

And to top my week off, I just had to get ignorant with an abusive telemarketer who's called me no less than 10 times today. And I've hung up on him, mid-sentence, nine times!


Paula said...

I love that the rest of the world is "slowing" down this week. I'm doing just the opposite, Don. Between BBS delibs, finishing work on my 4th mss and about to re-work edits on my 3rd I am far from slowing down!

But Happy hols all the same!

BTW, I did a re-fi once mainly through email. I actually love that you can do that now, despite how scary it is that you can process such an important transaction w/o ever meeting the person on the other end!

Kyra said...


Merry Christmas! He's not an author (yet?), but add Shane Evans to your list of illustrators.



rindawriter said...

Floyd Cooper
Leo Dillon
Donald Crews

That should do for a start

John Steptoe: I do not know if he is still working, though.

Ashley Bryan (love his work)